What is The Dragon Pride Foundation?
The Foundation acquires and distributes funds to provide opportunities for Spring Cove School District students to benefit from enhanced educational, arts and athletic programs, while bolstering Dragon Pride throughout the Spring Cove community.  We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  All contributions made to The Dragon Pride Foundation are tax deductible.

Do we need the Foundation?
Definitely! While the Spring Cove School District already provides an excellent basic education to our students, we must rely on the Foundation to develop special programs and secure financial support for activities which are not funded by tax revenues.  100% of the fundraising efforts by the Foundation benefits Spring Cove School District students.

What are some projects the Foundation would support?
Some opportunities this special funding could provide include:

  • Summer academic camps
  • Interactive technology
  • Advanced computer systems
  • Specialized science equipment
  • Teaching grants
  • Community art programs
  • Athletic Team sponsorships
  • Club sponsorships